Song stories: Brighter Days

…as told by Mike: Like Mirror in the Sky, Brighter Days manifested itself on the flight from Seattle, WA to Palm Springs, CA.  I was thinking about the moment I realized something was wrong with me. I had been sitting in the living room of my apartment, after having voluntarily written a 100 page letter on […]

Song stories: Mirror in the Sky

In 2015 I was flying back to California to try and relax my thoughts from all the events happening in my life at that time.  I had experienced some extreme highs which led to a great low in my psyche – a fun product of not sleeping for a few weeks.  As I was looking […]

Lesson Alpha – Asking for help

— as told by Mike It’s a very interesting experience when you undertake a project of creativity.  After many experiences with songwriting and composing in general, I have concluded that I can’t force anything – works of art need to be allowed to reveal themselves in order to take life. That being said, this album revealed that this […]