About The Band

manifidesketchlighterManifested from the pride of creating, Manifide is an intimate collaboration of the minds of Mike Jauregui and Ethan Campbell with a no-limit mentality of creative bounds.

After years of playing and writing together, Jauregui and Campbell have found a symbiotic musical relationship through their passion and talent as multi-instrumentalists, finding a common road less traveled through musical genres and styles.

Through their musical journeys, they found a common mission to raise awareness of mental illness and depression.




Along with Jauregui and Campbell, other wonderful musicians in the Seattle music scene, as well as other members of the community, were willing to help join the cause.  To see more about all the people involved in the project, check out our story about asking for help.


Manifide and the orchestra



To learn more about their endeavors, please visit their Brighter Days Project