Manifested from the sunshine of Seattle

Manifested from the sunshine of Seattle

What is Manifide?

Manifested from the pride of creating out of love for the life we live.

“Each year more than 40 million Americans will suffer with an anxiety disorder and over 20 million will suffer from some type of depressive illness. The cost to the economy of these terrible diseases is billions of dollars each year; the cost in human suffering is immeasurable.  One of the primary goals of this project is to help individuals suffering with anxiety and depressive disorders to find treatment.”

We’re here to create, but most of all, we’re here to tell you that you should create too!  It’s never easy coming out and saying “I fight depression” or “I deal with trauma” or “I have a mental illness” (most people don’t like to talk about it), but that doesn’t mean you still can’t be a positive influence for people!  No one is alone!

We write to repel the clouds, and to bring the light into our own lives, and we hope that it might bring light into your lives too!

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If you or a loved one have dealt with depression, trauma, or other mental health conditions, and are looking for some resources, please check out our Brighter Days Project

There you’ll find:

  • Literature on various subjects of mental health
  • Links to Writings, Drawings, Music, Paintings, and other expressions of Art from our friends and readers as well as personal testimonies (including our own).

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